About Us

Africa Adoption Services, formerly operating as DRC Adoption Services, is passionate about helping place children into loving families and desires to pave a better road for those on their adoption journey. Adoption has many twists and turns and Africa Adoption Services hopes to serve as a guide; helping families navigate through their adoption process. Ethics and the wellbeing of the children are of the utmost concern. Unlike most adoption agencies, Africa Adoption Services has partnered with a committee of adoptive parents who have a passion for orphans and seeing them ethically placed with their forever families. The agency has implemented a system to continuously receive feedback from families who are in process, therefore providing a check and balance between AAS and their clients. The desire of the agency and its staff is that they will not go before families in this journey, but that they will walk right alongside their clients every step of the way.

Africa Adoption Services has cast a vision that goes further then helping adoptive families. Although the agency began in Democratic Republic of Congo to facilitate adoptions, the vision quickly moved past this limited scope and dreams of impacting all of Africa. A name change was in order to include this expanded heart beat, and DRCAS took on the name Africa Adoption Services. AAS is dedicated to investing in and empowering the countries that they work with to create a better future. The agency has created partnerships with several not-for-profit organizations who are dedicated to seeing these changes take place as. Even after the airport, we hope you will join with us to make a lasting difference in the lives of many.

Africa Adoption Services closed in February, 2018 and transferred all clients to Nightlight Christian Adoptions.