Board of Directors

Africa Adoption Services is proud to work with a dynamic Advisory Board of Directors.  Each member of the Advisory Board brings a connection and passion to adoption and Africa.  The role of the Advisory Board is to help advise the agency directors.  Please feel free to contact the Advisory Board with any comments, questions or concerns at gro.snoitpodaacirfanull@srotceridfodraob.

Lindsey Barth
Lindsey is married to Joe and they have two children, Julia (3 years old) and Jackob (2 years old – Home from DRC in February 2013).  Lindsey has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and an Associates in Philosophy.  She is a stay-at-home mom.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky and working with ESL and refugees.

Adopting our son has stripped me down to my bare bones and built me up to become a new, stronger person than I ever was before.  Our family is so blessed to have grown and loved in this way!  My eyes have also been opened to the orphan crisis around our world and down the street so now begins the journey of how to advocate for the orphan.


DSC_0774Karen Culler







DSC_0767Lisa Gamble
Lisa is married to Shannon and they have two collage-aged children.  Lisa is the Missions Director at Christian Academy located in Louisville, KY.  In her free time, Lisa loves to travel, minister to people, hiking, camping, crafts, snow skiing and skydiving (she wishes).  Lisa has traveled abroad and to Africa.  She has a love for children and seeing and wants to help connect them with forever families!


DSC_0769Matt LaRocco
Matt is Married to Brandi and they have two beautiful children, Max (age 2) and Sophia (waiting to come home from DRC).  Matt is a substance abuse counselor for Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness and the Family Life Pastor at Memphis Christian Church.  His hobbies include cycling, hiking and bicycling, hunting and cooking.  Matt has a brother and a sister both adopted internationally.

Adoption has changed the way our family sees the world around us and given us new insight into God’s heart for His children.


DSC_0766Shannon Wilson
Shannon is married to Brian and they have two sons, Hunter (age 3) and Drew (age 6 months).  Shannon is an Administrative Assistance for a private school in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her hobbies include spending time with her family, reading, boating and volunteering at her church.  Shannon was placed for adoption at birth and her sister joined their family through adoption when Shannon was almost five years old.  Shannon has a nephew who is adopted and her and her husband were actively pursuing adoption before they had their two sons and have not yet ruled out the possibility.

I am passionate about adoption and the need for willing families to open their hearts and homes to children who are without a forever family.  Not everyone is called to adopt, but we can all do our part to aid in the orphan crisis that is a worldwide issue.