Pre-Adoption Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the pre-adoption committee is to promote ethical adoptions while providing prospective and new clients of Africa Adoption Services with support, mentoring, and services related to; document preparation, adoption education, and ways to fund your adoption. We aim to increase public awareness of the needs of children in Africa and make a difference for orphans by providing educational therapy to children in orphanages while waiting for their forever families.

Committee Chairperson: Kristie Gonzales

How we carry out our mission:

    • We have a list of reference for prospective families to talk to about their experiences with AAS. For a list of references please contact Kristie Gonzales.
    • After a family signs on with AAS as their adoption agency a mentor can be assigned that has completed the adoption process to help new families as the navigate their adoption journey.
    • As a resource for clients, a list of fundraising ideas and grants are being developed to help families in their efforts to raise funds for their adoption expenses.
    • Documents are being developed for clients on different adoption education topics.