Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process with Africa Adoption Services?

Once deciding to adopt from Africa, you will find an agency to conduct a homestudy. A homestudy reviews your family and home environment. Upon completion and approval, you will send your homestudy as well as other required documents to U.S. Immigration and apply to what is called an Application for Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition (I-600a). A fingerprinting appointment will then be scheduled before final approval. Once approved, you are considered “paper ready.” While waiting on approval, it is common to be putting together the Dossier, which is sent to your country of choice after the acceptance of a referral. A referral includes a picture and brief information on a child that fits your parameters requested (age, gender, number of children). After accepting a referral, the court process  is completed.  Each process and required documents varies depending on the country you choose to adopt from.  After all in country requirements are met, the adoptive families file an I600 for non-Convention adoptions and I-800 for convention adoption cases.  After US Immigration approval is received, child Visa is applied After Visa issuance from the US Embassy, you are ready to travel.  The process can take 6 month to 24 months depending on the country.

How much does it cost?

The adoption cost varies but is estimated $27,000 for a single child plus Home Study, USCIS and travel. The agency offers a reduction of agency fees when adopting a second child.

What is the timeframe?

All cases vary and each case should not be compared to another. However, it is estimated to take 6 t0 24 months from referral to travel.

How do you find/locate children?

Africa Adoption Services works with trusted and reputable in country providers who are government approved.  They have connections to many orphanages who place children with families according to family specifications. Orphans are not chosen if the case seems to have any fraudulent activity.

Is Africa Adoption Services based here in the US?

Africa Adoption Services is a fully licensed child placement agency licensed in the state of Kentucky.

Is Africa Adoption Services Hague Approved?

Africa Adoption Services received Hague Approval in January 2014.

Do you have other resources for information?

Please check out our Facebook page at

How many trips are involved with adoption and how long in country?

The number of trips is dependent on the country of choice.

How far into the process before getting matched with a referral?

The wait time for referral is dependent on the country of choice.

Are there older children/sibling groups up for adoption?

There are many older children in need of adoption and sibling groups are available as well. It is possible to adopt more than one child together who are not biological siblings.

Can specific requests be made for a referral?

During the home study process, you will be approved you for number of children as well as age range and gender preference if applicable. If you are unsure in any way or believe it is possible to change your mind, remember to have a broad age range and allow yourself to be approved for more than one child. There are many instances where a family decides to adopt more than one child or a child older than originally expected and the process is held up because changes must be made to the home study and I600a approval. The more open you are, the more likely you will receive a referral quickly.