Process Overview

This checklist is intended to be used as a guide for the adoption process with Africa Adoption Services.  Remember this is a guide only and that every adoption will be slightly different especially in regards to time lines.  Attached you will also find detailed pages which include further directions and examples of necessary paperwork needed for different stages.

ð        Home Study Complete       

Timeframe: 1-4 mos. dependent on home study agency                 

ð        Filing I-600A                                                                                     

  • Completed I-600A application (black ink)
  • Birth Certificates of parents –certified copy permitted
  • Marriage license (if applicable)—certified copy permitted
  • Divorce Decree (if applicable)—certified copy permitted
  • Home Study with provider’s license
  • G-1145 notification form
  • Money order for $720.00 plus $85.00 (per adult in household) for fingerprinting

 ð        Fingerprinting for I-600A   

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks

ð        I-600A Approval                                                                               

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks

ð        Filing Dossier                                                                                     

(all documents should be sent and uploaded to DropBox)

  • Hague Home Study with provider’s license and all supporting documents
  • State Criminal Clearance on State Letterhead (one per parent)
  • Medical Letter on Doctor Letterhead (one per parent) – notarized
  • Certified Birth Certificate (one per parent)
  • Certified Marriage License
  • Certified Divorce Decree
  • Letter to court explaining why you want to adopt – notarized
  • Copy of I-171H Approval
  • Copy of Passport (one per parent)
  • G-28 Power of Attorney
  • Power of Attorney letter notarized
  • Family Photo
  • State Adoption Laws
  • Congolese Fiche Document
  • 2 Passport Photos (per parent)
  • DS-230
  • I-864
  • 2 previous years of taxes

 ð        Accept Referral                                                                                 

                              Timeframe: 3-6 months

ð        Complete Medical Testing (optional—additional cost)

ð        Process Verbal (PV of Abandonment) Received                              

Timeframe: 3-5 weeks

 ð        Consent from the Commune—Acte de Consent                               

Timeframe: 2-6 weeks

ð        Ward of the State/Provisional Keeping                                            

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks

ð        Submission to Court                                                                          

ð        Adoption Judgment                                                                           

Timeframe: 6-12 weeks

ð        Certificate of Non-Appeal (CONA)                                                  

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks after court hearing

ð        Act of Adoption                                                                     

Timeframe: 4-6 weeks after court hearing

ð        Birth Certificate Judgment and Birth Certificate

Timeframe: 8 weeks following judgment

ð        Filing I-600

  • Completed I-600 document
  • I-600A (I-171H) approval
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Judgment
  • Process Verbal
  • Adoption Judgment
  • Act of Adoption
  • CONA
  • Translation Certificate

 ð        I-600 Request for Evidence (only in some cases)

Timeframe: must respond within 45 days

ð        I-600 Approval

Timeframe: 4-8 weeks

ð        Congolese Passport Issued

Timeframe: 4-8 weeks

ð        Embassy Investigations

Timeframe: 3-6 months

ð        Medical Appointment

  • Vaccination Affidavit filed if family does not want child vaccinated

ð        Embassy Interview (parents can be but do not need to be present)

ð        Visa Issued

ð        Ministry of Family and Gender Stamp

Timeframe: 1-2 weeks

ð        Direction General of Migration (DGM) (parent must be present)

Timeframe: 10-14 dates

ð        Leaving the DRC

 ð        Re-Adoption in the US

ð        Post Adoption Reports

 ð        Adoption Tax Credit